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Our partners for coaching, consulting and learning


Based on your request, we put together a group of professionals, from different generations, who encourage each other to come to solutions. We call this group a "flock": a swarm. With this approach (applying swarm intelligence) we solve the most complex issues. See Flock Leadership In our flock we work together with:

Performance College offers, together with Montisoro, learning routes customised to each individual or organisation.

Performance Coaching offers, together with Montisoro, customised coaching to each individual.

Performance Consulting offers, together with Montisoro, advice to companies (self-employed people, KMO's, large organisations).

Suzy Scheers is one of our coaches that supports the follow up of absenteeism due to illness.

Our partners to support you physically and mentally

San Bao is an acupunturist.

House of yoga is a yoga studio that offers, together with Montisoro, workshops to support the healing process of stress, overstrain and burn-out.